Thursday, 13 June 2013

Restaurant review: The Spotted Pig, NYC

I had long wanted to dine at this restaurant. I love April Bloomfield, I love that part of New York City and I'm pleased to say I got my fix on Monday night.
In NYC with work, and with the zippy assistance of colleague and native New Yorker Ed, we splashed through the torrential rain and into the toasty restaurant at 5.30pm. It was an incredibly American time to eat dinner but, in my defence, I had just stepped off my flight and my body clock was haywire.
I really liked the decor of the restaurant - the walls are covered in Antiques Roadshow cast-offs. It's the sort of place my Mum would think is a devil to dust. They pack you in nicely but not so close you feel like you're dining with your neighbouring table. (On that note, I shall never forget a dinner with Sartre at Desperado's in Islington, where the couple next to us - and I mean RIGHT next to us - had the most lascivious conversation ever heard outside of a dirty phoneline. Only punctuated by the man breaking off his pillow talk to go absolutely apeshit at the waiter for not bringing his girlfriend's salad). 
To get us off the starting line, we had rollmops and devils on horseback from the delicious 'Pub Snack' section of the menu. The rollmops in particular were good - sizeable, firm, great flavour.
I then had crispy pig ear and skin salad followed by their burger. 
The pig salad was moreish. 
The burger was the most velvety one I have ever experienced. I thought they could have gone a little easier on the blue cheese though. Alongside the burger was a towering nest of shoe-string fries. 
That and a couple of Bronx Pale Ales did it for me and I happily waddled off in search of a nightcap. 

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