Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Restaurant review: Centre Point Sushi, London

I didn't want to gushingly follow all the other reviews on this place, but they’ve hit the nail on the head.

This highly authentic Japanese restaurant is a hidden gem.

I got soy sauce all down the front of a new white silk blouse and it STILL didn’t dim my ardour for this elysian eatery.

You can find it upstairs in the Centre Point Food Store. The caché of its hidden location is just the first of many happy discoveries.   I went to Japan a couple of years ago and I was transported back to the wynds and nooks of Tokyo as we ascended to find it.

I had a bento box of sushi and tempura. My friend, Special K, had chicken teriyaki and rice. The food was fresh as a foal (unfortunate horsemeat-esque simile I suppose) and beautifully presented. The menu is one of those rare things where you want to eat everything on it. As my tempura prawns approached the table, they made you want to leap off your seat to snag one with an impatient paw before they had a chance to cool. Portions were generous, the menu was well-priced and the staff were welcoming.  And, whilst waiting for your lunch, you can feast your eyes on the sight of the talented chefs working in the open kitchen.

Because of its unprepossessing location, it’s a great place to have business lunches with people more interested in food than faces. It’s a place for which the term “bragging rights” was invented. Take a client here for lunch and they’ll tell ten people about the amazing little Japanese place above a supermarket near Tottenham Court Road.

I loved it and I’ll be using all my cunning to go back there as soon as possible to try more of that magnificent menu.  

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