Thursday, 10 October 2013

Restaurant review: Hosteria Giusti, Modena

Hosteria Giusti is at the back of a butcher's shop in Modena. It's unassuming in decor, but the food is anything but. 

It is one of the best lunches I've ever had the good fortune to have. 

There are just 4 tables and some outside space - but the outdoors is really just a handful of tables in a long quiet alley at the back of the shop. 

The food was out of this world - incredible flavours, beautifully presented (but far from fussy) and you simply wanted to slip off your shoes, order another bottle of Barbera, and stay there all afternoon. 

The place has enormous cache / bragging rights because it's hidden away and only seats a few people. But it's also far more than just a place to tell others about. 

The food is epic. I wish I could find a reason to be in Modena every week so I could sample more of it. We had stuffed and crisp-fried zucchini flowers, then a veal pasta course. For main, I had veal cheek, which felt like it had the richness of about 7 stockpots which had been simmering for weeks. Sartre had a spicy deep fried local sausage, which was intense pink in colour and packed just about the porkiest punch we've ever experienced. 

The service was flawless - everything just-so, but also warm and friendly - not stand on ceremony. 

It's a totally enchanting experience and I urge you to go if you find yourself in Modena. It's the best thing we did there and an unforgettable dining experience.

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