Thursday, 17 October 2013

Restaurant review: Rotary, Old Street

This place closes in 65 days, so excuse the exhortation but make sure you journey in its direction fast.

Rotary is an American diner pop-up next to Old Street roundabout (hence its name, as rotary is what our Yankee friends call roundabouts).

It's deeply 70s in decor. Sartre remarked that  in The Geffreye Museum of Homes, it could easily double as the 70s room.

You can't really see what I mean in the picture below because the other thing about the interior is, it's dark.

We ate the brilliantly named Pork Bomb to start (shredded pulled pork in a breadcrumb coating then deep fried). They were dispatched with so quickly, I didn't get a photo.
Followed by The Rotary Disco Burger and Hot Chicken Wings.

Oh, and the pork beans. The pork beans! This was a meaty little treat in a ramekin. A very pleasing pork to pulse ratio, and by that I mean, they went large on the pork and easy on the pulses.

The food was authentically American. The portion size wasn't gross. The staff were quick off the mark.

It's a great laid-back place in which to sink one more beer than you should and enjoy the slightly smug Old Street hipster vibe.

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