Thursday, 2 January 2014

Restaurant review: Lou Malnati's, Chicago

Home of the iconic deep-dish Chicago pizza pie, Lou Malnati’s is a huge and worryingly commercialized-looking establishment.

And whilst it no doubt caters for several hundreds tourists a day (including us) we witnessed enough Chicago families in there for it to feel acceptably authentic.

What makes a Chicago pizza a pizza pie, is that it’s based on the English quiche with a butter crust base pulled up high around the sides.

Then the traditional way to go about filling this crust of wickedness is to layer it  - tomatoes, then sausage, then mozzarella.

Apparently half a pound of mozzarella goes in to every large pizza and at Lou Malnati’s, they squeeze and rub tomatoes fresh onto the base of each pizza, rather than using a pre-made tomato sauce.

The result is delicious – and calorific – beyond reason. One bite in, I found myself concerned about when and where I’d ever taste another pizza like that one. I will, however, apply myself steadfastly to the search. 

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