Thursday, 18 June 2015

Restaurant review: Fifteen Cornwall

I have frequented Fifteen Cornwall on and off over the years and it remains consistently good.

Their recipe is simple but pleasing.

One part peppy, knowledgeable staff.
One part delicious plates of food – the best local fish and meats with an Italian twist.
One part a view that is a feast all of its own.

A view beautiful enough to distract me from the fact my glass is empty

We popped in for an early dinner on our last night of a stay in Cornwall recently. The staff seemed to be really pushing the Tasting menu this time around – their “Signature Tasting Menu” now no less. We side-stepped that. At the end of several nights of pub grub and cream teas, for once, our eyes were not bigger than our bellies. 

We started with Tagliolini of St Ives Bay crab, and Risotto primavera with pecorino.

My generous tangle of tagliolini and crab was delicious. Sweet and salty with a crunchy toasted topping.

We moved on to Duck breast with polenta and kale, and Monkfish with lentils and broccoli. Both excellent dishes of quality produce, tinkered with to bring out the best flavours.

I always leave Fifteen with a stomach that’s satisfied and a mind that’s dissatisfied with the idea of returning to London. It really is a failsafe for when you want a smart dish of pasta in a setting that slaps you in the face with its beachy beauty.

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  1. Hi,

    I was looking at your review as I recently visited Fifteen and have to say I was very impressed. The views are absolutely stunning and the food was very tasty!

    We went for lunch so didnt get to experience the same dishes but that duck dish looks incredible!