Sunday, 26 July 2015

Restaurant review: Sharps x Nathan Outlaw, The Mariner's, Rock

We made a beeline to try Sharp’s Brewery’s collaboration with Nathan Outlaw at The Mariner’s pub in Rock. We drove down to Cornwall from London that morning, parked in Padstow harbour car-park, and hopped onto the ferry over the Estuary. We were the first ones in, with empty stomachs and high hopes at the strike of 12 noon.

And our pilgrimage was justified. We ordered far too much, but heroically worked our way through it.

Here was the best local produce, simply done in tuneful combinations, and matched with Sharp’s beers. 

We ate great hunks of golden, crunchy pork crackling with apple sauce.

We made short work of Cornish mussels in Shandon stout and orange.

We greedily dispatched Rob Wing’s smoked salmon with horseradish on toasted sourdough, alongside a selection of Deli Farm charcuterie with pickles.

Sitting at an outdoor table on the pub’s terrace, we drank it all in - the food, the drinks and the view over the estuary. As a kick-off to a week’s holiday in Cornwall, we couldn’t have left more satisfied.

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