Monday, 25 May 2015

Restaurant review: Foxlow, Clerkenwell

Foxlow is a dark, hipstery hideaway in Clerkenwell, the other side of the road from St John, just up from Smithfield market.

It is very very dark, and very very noisy. It’d be a challenging visual-acoustic combination for my Dad and as we sat down, I mentally made the note never to bring him here.

Sartre and I, however, enjoyed it enormously.

The cocktails took a remarkably long time to arrive, as one bar manager battled through an onslaught of tickets that all landed at once. However, if you’re not in a rush, their Aperol Spritz Slush Puppie is probably worth the wait.

There is no doubt that sitting on the upper deck with its balcony that looks down to the restaurant below is noisier than setting up a table for two in the middle of Kings Cross station. 

However the food is delicious, a bit naughty and very comforting. We had rib fillet steak and beef short ribs, cocktails and red wine. 

The side order of fries with chicken salt deserve special mention. Chips with a sprinkling of pixie dust.

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