Thursday, 18 July 2013

Restaurant review: L’Iskele, Clerkenwell

This is a perfectly pleasant neighbourhood eatery.

We sat outside on a baking Friday evening, drinking cold white wine, and watching as a Friday Night Skate group sailed past us. One of those moments when you're reminded how it's great and interesting and surprising to live in London. (I doubt that could happen in my native Solihull in a month of Sundays - much as I love the place).

We ate grilled halloumi cheese and salad, which was delicious, then we shared chicken on skewers and lamb koftas, with rice and more dressed salad.

There’s a distinct holiday vibe about this place on account of two specific bits of service. Firstly, you’re encouraged in by the maître-d on the door as you walk past and secondly, you’re given a free shot of Amaretto as you pay the bill.

The restaurant is inexplicably both pizza restaurant (which looked very good) and the Turkish restaurant. Different branding for each on the exterior, but  they share the same dining and kitchen space on the inside. It's just kind of 'anything goes' like that. 

When their 10pm curfew for outside seating kicked in, we were transported inside to the grotto-like restaurant interior.

It’s cheap and it’s cheerful. 

My Mum would like the way it’s dimly lit and twinkly. 

The food fills a gap but barely a blog post. 

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