Thursday, 25 September 2014

Restaurant review: Honest Burger, King's Cross

A recent extension to the Honest Burger chain, this one is found in the hinterland just past Kings Cross. The restaurant is a bit of a fishbowl wedged between the road that leads to Angel and the road that leads to Clerkenwell.

The staff were OK, but tending towards the laissez-faire.

The menu is nicely designed, with good typography telling you about their curated collection of burgers. 

We started with onion rings, which were impressive in size but weighed down by a heavy fish & chip shop batter.

The burgers put in a solid, not stellar, performance. Considering Honest source their beef from The Ginger Pig, I was a bit disappointed. 

The chips were so salty, I’d hazard a guess the lid fell of the salt-shaker as they were sprinkled.

The epicurean highlight of this meal actually came courtesy of a drinks brand I’d not come across before. Ossie’s Fresh Ginger is my new favourite thirst quencher.

If this is honesty, give me dissemblance, spin and wizardry – best embodied in the soft drinks machine at Five Guys.

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