Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Restaurant review: L'Iskele, Clerkenwell (revisited)

I think there's space in the market for an app that tells you restaurants who give you free shots in your area. 

It's one I'd like to do the research for. 

I'm sure trendwatchers would give it a fancy name. The irresistible pull of getting free stuff. They'd give it a snappy title like 'Freesumers' or 'Reward Inc', something like that. 

I call it the joy of the extra unnecessary drink. 

We revisited L'Iskele the other night. It's local, we're lazy - that's how randoms become regulars. 

The notable differences this time were: 

- the size of the portions. L'Iskele serves portions to satisfy a weight watcher who has not just fallen off the wagon, but belly-flopped off it. I ordered the lamb chops. I got five. 

- the generosity extended to the free drinks that came with our bill. Not satisfied with giving us one round of complimentary large Amarettos, it was swiftly followed by the same again. 

The joy of the extra unnecessary drink.

L'Iskele review 2013

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